We have created a consept to build up staff with practical training and challenges. Our competence to give staff challenges where they “move outside the buffer zone/comfort zone is personally involving and developing for the company.

We put together a teambuilding shedule according to wishes and need from the company. With our lasting trials to work with teambuilding in actual fact we instruct about a shedule. Based on a HPT-lecture we organize practic training where we observe and evaluate participants.

Other professionel lectures could be parts in the shedule.

On a staff-day a subject which the company works with, could be a part of the shedule like safety, optimizing routines, value basis etc.

The valuation

The valuation of the company is frequently part of the shedule. Like this we make the valuation living so it attaches the experiences.

With Kierkegaard's words in one's thoughts,

  • Tell me something, and I forget it
  • Show me something, and I might remember
  • Give me an experience, and I will remember it all my life

Thus we think our teaching will be ballasting.

Does the company have no formalized valuation, we could develope a valuation with the staff.

Teambuilding potentialities

Practical training

The participants solve different practical assignments which braces relations and teamwork. The assignmests might be constructions, solve logical assignmests, issues ans co-operate to come to the assignmests.

GPS Adventure

The C is to boost the relations and the understanding of what needed for the best/optimal relations. The participants are divided into teams and compete for finding places in the village where a assignment has to be solved. A part of the team guides them who are somwhere.   


Teambuilding where we go back to origin to boost the teamwork. With exciting cookery experiences, inspired by the Nordic and Faroese larder. Together with well-known Faroese cooks our customers are with us in all the procedure. The raw material is provided with hunting, gathered or gathered, and is then handled and processed. The measure ends with that the customers choose the best, most delicious and most exciting dishes.

All takes place in cheerful Faroese atmosphere.