Personal development

High Performance Team lecture

By HPT lecture we are instrumental in bringing about the individual together with the group. HPT points out the strength of the diversity and how you use it in practice by open and honourable relations. It is it is an established scientific fact that humanity experiences content, when the entertainment is talking about others. Therefore we train relations to talk with and not about each other. We find that all development in the company is first and foremost based on human value. The focus-area is also the positive attitude and not this that we always are so positive because we are not!

Work against human nature?

Being benefit for the activity is sometimes requested that humanity has to work against own nature. It is when we shall communicate directly and hounest. Also when it comes to the changing temper we shall work against our own nature. On the whole humanity is by natural reasons against changes in life and would rather wake up without much changes.

By encouraging the changing mind and the way we communicate the company improves.

To day staff has to take up a hostile attitude to steady changes on the labour market. Thus is the modern society.

Personal development with/through challenges?

Our concept with challenges is based on personal development can point out labour  position, for example stimulating the changing mind. It is varying what a challenge is to the individual. Therefore we have so many different challenges in our shedule. All should get the feeling of succes experiences during a teambuilding day with Nax. It depends always on the individual how long he will go. We create the limits and safety and instigate the participand. Being in awe of the individual the mood is always kind and instigating. That is it that which make us that we are.

We have developt our staff to set people in safe positions where tey feel outside the buffer zone. When the participant has accustomed to the position he is again innside the buffer zone. These human positions are similar to those we experience when changes are on the job.

The way we move so many people in challenges implies that our participants often say: “If I knew about this before I should't have joined ... Good that I knew nothing.”  Our experiences have proved that succesful thrillings have positive influence on people.

Stress preventive

Modern times imply that more and more people succomb to stress because we don't inform. Dares a participant not to carry out a challeng and informs while others are watching we use it positively. Thus the participant is fortified to dare to inform. You ought to do this if the job puts to many duties on your shoulders. The good leader appreciates it because he doesn't always know how much he has put on your shoulders.