Sundalagið - Risin og Kellingin or Funningsfjørður

Sundalagið  -  Risin og Kellingin

The whole Sundalagið is very suitable for kayak-trips. The places from which you row out are Tjørnuvík, Haldarsvík, Svínáir, Ljósáir, Oyrarbakki and Eiði.

You can also row out to Risain and Kellingin.     


From Funningur to Elduvík and the whole Funningsfjørður are splendid experiences.


Kajak tours in the great nature

We arrange kayak-rowing countrywide for experienced and inexperienced. Everybody can join it.

The kayak-trips fit in with brake off when managements, boards or staff-groups have their meetings. To leave the conference room for one or two hours may optimize focus.

The kayaks are sea-kayaks that are very safe for inexperienced rowers. A kayak-trip is a marvelous adventure in nature. You really feel the peace and all the beauties of Faroese nature. Especially the fauna is a special experience.


Tórshavn or Bøur


From Gomlu Hoyvíkini is a wonderful trip where you can row in the bay along the Boðanes shore to the Tórshavn harbour, Vágsbotn, Bursatanga or Sandagerð.


Row out from the village of Bø on the inlet. You can row further to the Tindhólm or Gásadal. You can also start from Sørvág. 


Klaksvík or Kalsoy


Borðoyarvík and Klaksvík are suitable for kayak-trips north to the Kunoy along the shore to Haraldsund and the village of Kunoy.


Rowing from Mikladalur or Trøllanes north to Kallsvík through the Mimunarhola is quite a special experience.


Sandoy or Suðuroy


The bay in Sandur along the shore to Djúpadal and Skarvanes, Søltuvík along the western shore is a special experience.

Húsavík and Dalur fit kayak experiences too.


Along the Suðuroy are beautiful trips all the way from Sumba north to the Vágseið. From Hvalba and Sandvík is a special experience.


This is just a teaser. We have many places to visit by kayak.